The Nate Waters Memorial Grove Tree Planting Ceremony, sponsored by Dori and Sam Allen on behalf of The Center For Individuals With Physical Challenges. The planting of Nate's tree, a 4" Water Oak, by Up With Trees, Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

and finally...

Trees Available For

Memorials or Honorariums:

7  3" Chinese Pistache, $1,000 ea

3 2" Lace Bark Elm, $750 ea

20 2" Single Bark Crepe Myrtle, $500 ea

Includes tree, installation by Up With Trees, metal donor plate designed by Lisa Regan, The Garden Deva.


As you walk along The Spirit Walkway, you'll come across seven interpretive displays, each representing a different local conservation group. Each will be equipped with a motion-sensing device for sound & other accessible features.


Along with Brook and Jill, Nate Waters, a quadriplegic, was a champion advocate for the rights of the disabled. A high school drop-out from an abusive home, Nate went on to earn his GED then a bachelor's degree, working as an accountant at Williams. While he was the recipient of many honors and awards for his service to the community, it was his simple and humble presence that he will be most remembered for.

The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges has partnered with Tree For All to sponsor this Memorial Grove. There will be three layers of trees nestled along The Spirit Walkway at the west end. The centerpiece is a mature Water Oak, donated by The Center in memory of Nate, that was planted in March of 2015. Each tree can be donated in memory or honor of an individual with a disability or someone who advocates for the rights of those with a disability. If you or your group are interested in purchasing a tree, contact Lori Long, Executive Director, The Center at:


The 2014 Disabilities Compendium for the United States indicated that more than 12.7% of our citizens, of all ages, had some prevalence of disability, from being visually or hearing impaired, to having cognitive or ambulatory issues. Of that number, 28.5% are veterans - men and women - with a service-connected disability.  In Oklahoma, that number is 34.9%.  The centerpiece of this quiet space in our Memorial Park,  dedicated to these men and women and their families, will be a 10.5' tall wind harp called Song of the Spirit that will, each evening at dusk, play a single round of Taps.


Nancy Feldman couldn't wait to help us with this memorial project to her dear friends, Brook & Jill. Still actively involved in many organizations when she joined our committee at age 89, she was instrumental in securing our location at Chandler Park, and worked tirelessly on the committee until her passing three years later. It wasn't long after her death that Raymond called to say he wanted to take up where she left off, and his support and encouragement went a long way in keeping us motivated to sustain this project. So it is with gratitude and respect, that we designed The Nancy & Raymond Feldman Sensory Zone, a musical play station with outdoor instruments for visitors to interact with.